Officer Name:Officer Position:
Gabriel DaviesPresident
Vice President
Amani DaviesSecretary
Teri Stewart Treasurer
Road Captain
Treyvon DaviesSocial Officer
Asher GoldEnforcer
Sgt At Arms

Full Patch Members

Full patch members are those who have passed a prospecting period or helped found the organization. These individuals have each one vote at any club meeting.

Joshua Aaron CoxYou Could Be Here!


Prospects are people who are interested in joining the Motorcycle Club. Each prospect must serve for a period of one month after our initial slots are filled. Prospects are encouraged to meet members, hang out with members, attend bible studies and other gatherings of the club.

Aaron Sanchez You Could Be Here!

Hang around and Friends

Hang around are people who hang out with the club or at our meetings and gatherings. Friends are those who just support our ministry and mission on Second Life!