Join The Brotherhood

We are a ministry first and foremost. We represent Christ at all times and in all placed. Being a member of this brotherhood is different than other clubs. While other Motorcycle organizations are all about brotherhood, were all about loving the world at large and supporting each other. We dont want casual brothers. If you decide to become patched with us you will be welcomed into a home away from home, a second Godly family.

We’re looking for men and women who love the world. Who love one another. We are not dictators here. We want to build a club for all of us to be proud of. Members of our club are expected to commit to the following.

  1. Attending one meeting a month at least.
  2. You are responsible for purchasing your own “cut” or vest from the marketplace, we provide the patches.
  3. Every Member is expected to own a Motorcycle on Second Life. We just don’t hang out and do ministry, we are a motorcycle club! You can contact us if you need bike suggestions.

If your interested in membership contact the President on Grid or via our contact form here.

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