Hey Club,

We are building a new and WAY epic Event Center, you can see it now on our MC Land at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Lionshaven/200/86/243

We had to demolish the old events center and some track above. Sadly Amani Motors will be headquartered in Coastal Heights for now until we get her store reset back up. She was willing to sacrifice it for the club, so send the Secretary some love and a God Bless You!

Ride Practice is still tonight at 8PM SLT, dont slack guys, if you can make it please do! Were meeting at the new Rez Point which is here

Until the construction is done New Jerusalem National Park is only open to the club. If by any chance you can pick up your bike and only rez it when needed thats cool otherwise just park in an open space, only one bike per member, Prospects gotta rez in the prospect area.

Last I want to welcome Chris Anderson as a Prospect of the club. He is a believer in Christ, a great man, someone I’ve spent loads of time with this week as he is the one who saved us and is making this event center better than any Christian venue on SL. Show him some love, but he’s still just a prospect, treat him accordingly, I’m sure it will be a short lived Prospectship!


Gabe “Oops” Davies
The Gibborim Riding Club

P.S. Meeting notes from Last Saturday will be passed to individual members not here, sorry Prospects you dont get to see those till your in!

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