Letter from El Presidente

Hey Club, I’m sorry I’ve been so quiet lately. My focus has been on my business, but this is the ministry that God gave me to do and my focus has been wrong. So next week 11/30) we will be having Bible Study at 1 PM SLT at our clubhouse on Clubland after bible study we will have a membership meeting at 2pm SLT (you don’t have to make Bible Study to go to the general meeting). Our club has our own land with a riding track! It’s very nice and tons of fun, so make sure you stop by and ride. Our clubhouse has an office for me, a game room, a barracks room (if you need a place to sleep), a chapel and a prayer room. We also have a dance hall that would put some night clubs to shame. We also have a motorcycle dealership there with bikes I make, if you don’t have a bike and need one please contact me asap! Besides church, we will be back to our full schedule starting 12/1. Happy to announce Apostle Jeremiah Carrasco has joined the charter as our spiritual compass as the Founder. I still need a strong VP and a recruiter and social director. If you can fill one of those let me know! Please check out our bylaws on the website located here (http://gibborim-world.gq/bylaws/) and contact me if you have any questions!



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