Education can come at high costs!

Our club was founded as the Gibborim MC in Second Life. However, that was a gross error made because of my own out of character ignorance.

Ignorantia juris non excusat or “ignorance of the law excuses not”

Quote from Latin

We called ourselves a Motorcycle Club which is a major no-no. Furthermore out of a desire to join in the community I applied and was admitted to an MC President and Vice President’s group which is how I discovered my issues. I was given an education when members of the MC Community showed up around our old clubhouse. We promptly went to our new clubhouse and had a talk.

I want to thank a member of the community who helped school me about our mistakes as a club. This member also designed our new patch to help us have one that was not cartoony, a patch worthy of respect. Bro you know who you are, you have my love and respect bro. Thank you for everything! And glad for brothers and sisters in our club who quickly met yesterday and ratified the changes.


We are a RIDING CLUB we have no aspirations of being an MC nor will we ever try to become one. We support any club that is on the grid and our members may be in supporter groups, however, we are not allies of any one group. We respect each club to operate how they see fit and ask for that same respect.

Events Returning to the Club

Bible Study will be resuming on Saturday’s at 3 PM SLT each week starting 10/19. We also will be having weekly members-only “church” meetings on Mondays at 7 SLT. We will be having social gatherings on Tuesdays at 8 PM SLT so make sure whether your a member or not that you would come and hang out with us!

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